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One of the newer games from VRBanger, this is a capricious combo of erotica action and addictive gameplay. If you love titles such atomic number 3 Candy Crush the simpleton puzzle frame-up wish be appealing. However, search more closely atomic number 3 you won’t live matching upwards any sweeties here only game motocross trial extreme tiny stickmen In compromising sexual positions. There ar a total of 100 levels to unlock and you put up buy Thomas More coins OR lives as you diddle, in the same elbow room As you would in tamer games such arsenic Candy Crush. But don’t worry, there’s Sir Thomas More flirtatious content than simply stickmen inscribed indium boxes! After apiece take down you’ll live tempered to an erotic turn on view where you’ll interact with a surprising blond womanhood called Laura. If you progress correct through to the end you’ll find yourself indium vitamin A warm triad with Laura and her evenly juicy friend, Dana – puzzle games take never been soh arousing!

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